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International Conference on Green and High-value Utilization of Salt Lake Resources First Circular


The "International Conference on Green and High-value Utilization of Salt Lake Resources", organized by Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes (Chinese Academy of Sciences), co-organized by Institute of Process Engineering (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Qinghai Provincial Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Institute of Earth Environment (Chinese Academy of Sciences), and Qinghai Experts United Association will be held online from September 6th to 8th , 2023 in Xining, Qinghai, China.

The potassium, lithium, magnesium, boron and other resources are rich in salt lakes, and these resources have a huge role in promoting the sustainable development of modern agriculture, new energy, new materials and other industries by rational development and utilization. The potassium chloride produced by salt lake resources accounts for about 27% of the total global potassium chloride production, and the global salt lake lithium resources reach about 2/3 of all proven lithium resources that can be developed. In 2025, the global demand for lithium products is expected to be 600,000 tons (Li2CO3), and more than 50% of the total lithium product consumption will come from salt lake related lithium productions. In addition to potassium and lithium resources, the resources include magnesium, sodium, boron and others in the salt lakes are also high-quality chemical raw materials. Since the majority of salt lakes are located in arid and semi-arid areas with fragile ecology in the world, the higher standards are required in ecological environment protection for development of resources. These key issues need to be solved urgently including the ecological security and resource guarantee with resource utilization, efficient extraction of salt lake resources, and the high-value utilization of mineral resources.

        The theme of this conference is “Ecological Salt Lake, Green Development, High -value Utilization”, which aims to promote the rational development and utilization of salt lake resources, and strive to build a new pattern of ecological and environmental friendly, high-quality and sustainable salt lake development. The conference will focus on three themes i.e. ecological security and resource guarantee of salt lake resource, green and efficient separation of salt lake resources, and preparation of high-end chemicals from salt lakes. The conference will conduct extensive and in-depth academic exchanges, which can promote the scientific and technological progress in the development of salt lake’s industry. The international conference is open to researchers, managers, technicians and students from domestic and foreign research institutes, universities and enterprises.

Basic situation of the Conference

1. Conference Organizational Structure

Organizer: Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Co-organized: Institute of Process Engineering (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Qinghai Provincial Foreign Experts Bureau, Institute of Earth Environment (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Qinghai Experts United Association.

2. Conference time and form

Meeting time: September 6th~8th, 2023

Meeting form: Online Conference

Registration formNo registration fee

3. Conference Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee Chairman:

Jianping Wang (Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS)

Organizing Committee Members

Toshio Yamaguchi,  Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS (Chief editor of Journal of Molecular Liquids)

Peng Wang,  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Executive Editors of Environmental Science & Technology)

Shouliang Yi,  National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA (Editor of Separation and Purification Technology)

Wuzong Zhou, University of St Andrews

Yiyong Mai,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Liangrong Yang,  Institute of Process Engineering, CAS.

Zheng Li,  Institute of Process Engineering, CAS.

Wangzhang Yuan,  Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Xiangyu Kong,  Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, CAS.

Jianming Pan,  Jiangsu University

Huacheng Xu,  Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, CAS

Liangcheng Tan,  Institute of Earth Environment, CAS

Maoyong He,  Institute of Earth Environment, CAS

4. Conference Topics

(1) Conference themes

Ecological Salt Lake, Green Development, High -value Utilization

(2) Conference issues

Ecological safety and resource guarantee for the development and utilization of salt lake resources

Including but not limitedBrine resources, Hydrogeology, Formation and exploration of potash deposit, isotope geochemistry, Application of 3S technology in salt lake research, Evolution of salt lakes, Geochronology, Environment carrying capacity, Arid Zone Geomorphology, etc.

Theoretical and technical of the green and efficient separation of salt lake and relative resources

Including but not limitedSalt-water phase equilibrium, Salt solution structure and interfaces, Nanofiltration membrane, inorganic membrane (including two-dimensional membrane), electro-driven membrane technology and ion transport membrane, bionic ion channel, membrane preparation method and membrane characterization, membrane transfer mechanism and membrane process simulation, Electrochemical separation, extraction separation, crystallization evaporation, oil and water separation, adsorption separation, new ion separation technology, etc.

Key technologies for preparation of high-end chemical materials from salt lakes and relative resources.

    Including but not limitedlithium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, rubidium, cesium, bromine, iodine, boron and other elements of inorganic crystal materials, new energy materials, fireproof materials, refractory materials, battery materials, gel materials, ion separation materials, alloy materials, etc.

5. Support Media

Journal of Salt Lake Research

6. Contact Information of the Organizing Committee

Conference contact:

Zhong Liu,  Green Development,  liuzhong@isl.ac.cn

Xin Liu,  High -value Utilization,  liuxin@isl.ac.cn

Haicheng Wei,  Ecological Salt Lake,  hcwei@isl.ac.cn

Yongquan Zhou, Chemistry of solution  yongqzhou@isl.ac.cn

Yingying JiangConference contribution  jiangyy@isl.ac.cn