Introduction of RCL

The Salt Lake Resource Chemistry Laboratory (RCL) is mainly oriented to the national strategic needs of salt lake science and technology. Aiming at the science of salt lake resources and associated mineral resources and the effective use of key common scientific issues, RCL used basic theories of chemistry and materials science to carry out basic and applied basic research on the interdisciplinary and fusion of inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, applied chemistry, and materials science, and established, developed, improved and improved basic theories and research methods for salt lake resources and chemistry research.

RCL was approved as the Key Laboratory of Qinghai Province in 2005.

RCL has 52 permanent staff, including 6 researchers, and 20 associate researchers. There are 7 PhD candidates, 21 postgraduates, and 15 guest staff.

Research Direction of RCL:

1) Chemistry and Phase Equilibrium of Salt Lake Solution

Based on the theory of thermodynamics, kinetics, and electrolyte solution, a multi-temperature thermodynamic dynamic model of a complex multi-component salt lake brine system rich in lithium, boron, and high magnesium is built, which is combined with computer technology to simulate the dynamic changes of salt lake physical chemistry and to predict the evolution of salt lakes.

2) Science and technology for efficient separation of salt lake resources

Research on the scientific problems of solar technology in the separation of brine in new and efficient salt fields; Research on the behavior and mathematical simulation of ions during membrane separation technology, the change of separation efficiency in the extraction process, the adsorption technology in the extraction of low-grade salt lake resources, and the application of technology; Research on the basic theory and industrialization of medium and high temperature energy storage materials in the high-value utilization of salt lake sodium, potassium, magnesium and other resources.

3) Material Science and Engineering of Salt Lake and Related Mineral Resources

Research on new separation materials, new energy materials, lightweight structural alloy materials, industrial solid waste recycling, materials and lakes, efficient separation science and technology research.

Development Goals of RCL

1) Based on the forefront of salt lake science and technology, and achieved original results in some key areas of salt lake resources and chemical research;

2) Serve national goals in research fields related to the scientific and effective use of salt lake resources, and provide a scientific basis for the sustainable use of salt lake resources;

3) Cultivate high-level talents in salt lake resources and chemical research.