In order to promote the development of the western region in china and the development of the salt lake chemical industry, the " Multifunctional Salt Lake Chemical Pilot Workshop " was built by the Qinghai Institute of Salt Lake in 1988. The workshop is located in the working area of Qinghai Institute of Salt Lake, and it has completed more than ten national and provincial major projects, such as "Separation of lithium magnesium from brine by ion selective migration for preparation of lithium carbonate pilot test" and "Preparation of anhydrous magnesium chloride for electrolysis by dehydration of bischofite pilot test". It has played an important technical support role for the industrialization development and efficient comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources.

With the needs of urban development and the Institute of Salt Lake working area construction, the original pilot workshop has been unable is no longer able to better meet the needs of the national engineering research on the comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources. Therefore, Qinghai Institute of Salt Lake rebuilt "Ganhe Pilot Base" in Ganhe Industrial Park, a national economic and technological development zone, by self-raising funds.

"Ganhe Pilot Base" covers an area of 43 mu, has built a 4000m2 comprehensive experimental building, two nearly 3000m2 standardized pilot workshops, and a 3000m2 industrialization demonstration workshop. The base will serve the pilot study and engineering validation in the research process of green and high-value comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources, and is committed to supporting the incubation of achievements. The goal of the base is to build a technology research and development and transformation platform to support the development of the salt lake chemical industry in Qinghai province. The base will strive to promote the salt lake potassium, magnesium, lithium, boron resources and rare elements of the extraction and comprehensive utilization of new technology, new technology research; the research and development of synthesis and preparation of salt lake new materials provides technical basis and design basis for the industrial development of efficient comprehensive utilization of characteristic mineral resources.


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