Societies & Publications
A Study on the Geological Relics and Weathering of Wudalianchi Volcano Zhan Tao, Yang Ye, Zeng Fangming Heilongjiang People's Publishing House 2020-01 Zhan Tao, Yang Ye, Zeng Fangming
Sixty Years of Salt Lake Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes of Chinese Academy of Sciences China Science Publishing 2015-07
Inorganic-Whisker-Reinforced Polymer Composites: Synthesis, Properties and Applications Qiuju Sun, Wu Li CRC Pres 2015-08-25
LAKE QINGHAI: Paleoenvironment and Paleoclimate Junqing Yu China Science Publishing 2009 Lisha Zhang
The Sustainable Utilization of Qarhan Salt lakes Resources Shensong Yu China Science Publishing 2009-06-01 Hongbin Tan
Inorganic Whiskers Wu Li China Science Publishing 2005-12-31
Characteristics and Applications of Thermal Ion Emission of Graphite Yingkai Xiao 2004-06-02
China Salt Lake Scripts Xiyu Zheng China Science Publishing 2002-05-01
Evolution of Salt lakes and Palaeoclimate and Fluctuation in Qaidam Basin LingHuang,Fengqing Han China Science Publishing 1999-08-01
Nature Recourse and Development - Utilization of Salt Lake in China Pengxi Zhang China Science Publishing 1999-08-01
Salt Lakes in Xinjiang Xiyu Zheng China Science Publishing 1995-09-01
Salt lakes in Inner Mongolia Xiyu Zheng China Science Publishing 1992-11-01
Analytical Methods for Brine and Salts Zongxi Zhai China Science Publishing 1988-10-01
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