Qinghai Provincial Major Science and Technology Special Project Subproject Acceptance Meeting was Held Successfully


On January 16th, the acceptance meeting of the sub-project "Demonstration of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation Multiple Molten Salt Industrialization Demonstration", a sub-project of the Qinghai Province's major science and technology special project "Development and Engineering Verification of Solar Thermal Power Generation Multiple Molten Salt," was held at ISL. More than twenty people from Qinghai Science and Technology Department, ISL, Qinghai Lianda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Enengsen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. Experts in related fields were invited to conduct an acceptance review of this sub-topic.

First, the project leader reported the acceptance requirements for the sub-projects. Subsequently, the two sub-project leaders reported the work content and the results of the project, respectively, in response to the requirements and goals of the assignment. Qinghai Lianda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. optimized the nitrate production process and automated the transformation of the production line through the research on the regulation of impurity ions in the nitrate preparation process. Qinghai Ainengsen New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a batch of molten salt mixing, initial melting and filling equipment by studying the process of batch preparation of mixed molten salt. A multi-line molten salt heat storage material production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons was built in Golmud and Delingha respectively. The chloride content of the molten salt product is less than 0.03%, the main component content is greater than 99.5%, and the production cost is less than 5,000 yuan / ton.

After listening to the project team's work report, the participating experts fully discussed and inquired that the data submitted by the project met the acceptance requirements, fully affirmed the special work content and the completion of the indicators, and expressed satisfaction with the financial acceptance of the two units.



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