Two scientific and technological achievements of ISL were rated as "international advanced level"


On December 30, 2019, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized relevant experts to evaluate the scientific and technological achievements of the two scientific research projects completed by ISL. The two scientific research projects are "The scientific basis for efficient utilization and green separation of lithium resources in brines with a high magnesium-to-lithium ratio" and "Research on the key technologies for extracting and separating lithium salt products from alkaline lithium-containing feed liquids by solvent extraction".

The two achievements have developed key technology for extracting lithium from different types of lithium-containing brines, and carried out a scale-up experiment of separating and extracting lithium by centrifugal extraction and chamber extraction equipment, which has high recovery rate, high lithium-magnesium separation efficiency, and simple process flow. Aiming at alkaline lithium-containing feed liquids such as carbonate brine, lithium carbonate mother liquor, and waste lithium battery recovery tail liquid, a process technology suitable for separating and extracting lithium salts from the above-mentioned feed liquids has been developed, which has great theoretical and practical value for improving the yield of the lithium industry chain and the sustainable use of lithium resources.

The expert committee heard Professor Li Lijuan's report on the project research, reviewed relevant materials, and after inquiries and discussions, agreed that the two research projects passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements and both reached international advanced levels. It is suggested that the technology of extracting lithium from brine with a high magnesium-to-lithium ratio and the extraction method to separate and extract the lithium salt from the alkaline lithium-containing feed solution for further popularization and application.


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