"China Mars Analogy Area (Site Selection Area) and Construction of Mars Environment Comprehensive Information and Data Platform" 2019 Annual Symposium was Held


From December 7th to 8th, the annual academic seminar of Qinghai Province Science and Technology Basic Condition Platform Construction Project "China Mars Analogy Area (Site Selection Area) and Mars Environment Comprehensive Information and Data Platform Construction" was held in ISL. The conference was hosted by the Salt Lake Geology and Environment Laboratory of ISL and co-organized by the National Astronomical Observatory and the Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dujiecuo, Director of the Policy, Regulations and Basic Research Division of the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Fan Shengzhi, Director of the Social Development Bureau of Dachaidan Executive Committee of Haixi Prefecture, and Jin Ziyan, General Manager and Gao Yang, Deputy General Manager of Haixi Guotou Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Professor Ma Haizhou of ISL.

On behalf of the project team, Professor Zhang Xiying of ISL made a general report on the progress in 2019, mainly including the annual work progress overview, Mars village design and planning, field work and related data collection, Mars-like landform comparative analysis, and data platform construction. Associate Professor Zhao Yuyan of the Institute of Geochemistry has analyzed the characteristics of Martian features and put forward suggestions for later planning and design. Professor Liu Xiaoqun of the National Astronomical Observatory explained in detail the planning and design scheme of the Mars analogy zone. After the report, everyone had a lively discussion and agreed that the project's work is progressing well and completed well, which provides important scientific and technological support for the in-depth scientific research and cultural tourism project construction in the Mars analogy area. The meeting also discussed the construction plan of Mars Village (Phase I) in China and reached a basic consensus.


Group photo


Professor Zhang Xiying gave a report



Associate Professor Zhao Yuyan rgave a report



Professor Liu Xiaoqun rgave a report