The Inauguration Ceremony of the National Institute of Agricultural Green Development Magnesium Nutrition Research Center was successfully held


On July 24, the opening ceremony of the Magnesium Nutrition Research Center of the National Agricultural Green Development Research Institute, co-sponsored by the College of Resources and Environment of China Agricultural University, Yingkou Magnesite Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in ISL. Academician Zhang Fusuo of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhang Rongyang, Chairman of Yingkou Magnesite Chemical Group, relevant leaders of the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province, and relevant representatives from various research institutes attended the ceremony.

Academician Zhang Fusuo stressed that Qinghai is rich in magnesium resources, and the establishment of the Magnesium Nutrition Research Center will promote the all-round development of Qinghai magnesium resources in the green agriculture, fertilizer industry and the whole industry chain. Zhang Rongyang, chairman of Yingkou Magnesite Chemical Group, said that Yingkou Magnesite Chemical Group is the first company to realize the application of magnesium resources in agricultural fields China Agricultural University is the highest institution in China's agricultural field ISL is the only full-time scientific research institution in the salt lake area.The cooperation of the three units can be described as complementary advantages and strong alliances. It is a combination of production, learning and research in the true sense.

After the unveiling ceremony, a magnesium nutrition seminar was held. Wu Zhijian, deputy director of ISL, gave a report entitled "Mechanism of Plant Absorption of Magnesium Fertilizer". Scholars from Huazhong Agricultural University, Guangdong Bioengineering Research Institute, Southwest University, Yunnan Agricultural University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China Agricultural University, have made special reports. The report focused on the magnesium nutrient demand of rice, soybean, rapeseed, sugar cane, citrus, tobacco and other crops, as well as magnesium fertilizer formula and engineering application. It is of great significance to summarize the advanced experience and summarize and compare the engineering examples to guide the improvement and development of magnesium nutrition technology in China and ensure the sustainable development of the fertilizer industry.

At the end of the meeting, Zhang Fusuo made a concluding speech at the meeting. At the end of the meeting, Zhang Fusuo made a concluding speech at the meeting and proposed guidance for future research work. He expects the three units to work together to promote the comprehensive utilization of magnesium resources in Qinghai, magnesium nutrition research and the development of magnesium nutrition industry.


The opening ceremony


Speech by Academician Zhang Fusuo



 Speech by Zhang Rongyang


Speech by Wu Zhijian 



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