ISL and Lanzhou University signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement


On July 12, the signing ceremony of the comprehensive cooperation agreement between ISL and Lanzhou University was held. Wu Zhijian, deputy director of ISL, and Yuan Zhanting, secretary of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University, attended the signing ceremony. The heads of Lanzhou University Office, Graduate School, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Science and Technology Development Research Institute, School of Pharmacy, and the head of scientific research and management department of ISL participated in the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Wu Zhijian expressed warm welcome to Secretary Yuan Zhanting and his delegation. He introduced the basic situation of ISL and reviewed the historical origins of ISL and Lanzhou University. He hoped that the two sides will take advantage of this signing opportunity to give full play to their respective advantages, such as talent exchange, post-doctoral fellowship, scientific research project cooperation, student training, etc. Yuan Zhanting expressed his respect to the achievements of several generations of salt lake science and technology workers in ISL who adhered to the plateau and made contributions to national and local economic and social development. He expressed the hope that the two sides will improve their political positions, adhere to self-confidence, openness, complementary advantages, and clear direction. He said that in the aspects of postgraduate training, talent recruitment, scientific research cooperation and other aspects, the company will establish a regular cooperation mechanism to ensure that the cooperation will achieve tangible results and deepen and broaden the cooperation between the two sides to achieve a win-win situation.


Speech by Yuan Zhanting


Speech by Wu Zhijian 



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