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Sincere invitation for excellent overseas young scholars


Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS, sincerely invites excellent young scholars who have finished their Ph.D. study and worked at least 3 years in overseas colleges or research institutes to join us by applying for NSFC Excellent Overseas Young Scholars Program (EOYS).

For details relating to application, please refer to the guideline of NSFC following the link: info83268.htm

        Eligible applicants are expected to work in the following fields:  eco-safety and supply of key resources in the salt lake area, integration of technology and process in high-efficiency separation of salt lake resources, and cutting-edge technology in production of high-end chemicals. 


Discipline requirements


Geochemistry, salt minerals and sedimentology, evaporative salt deposits, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, computational chemistry, chemical process, chemical engineering,  environmental science and engineering, separation science and engineering, material science and engineering,  and other related fields which are in accordance with salt lake research.


Position and welfares


Eligible applicant will be employed as professor and Ph.D. supervisor

Start-up research fund equivalent to 3.5 – 5 million Yuan

Enjoy welfare of the province if the applicants meet the requirments

Provide working facilities and research team

Provide a one-time housing allowance of 800,000 Yuan

Annual salary of at least 500,000 Yuan


Contact information


Applicants should send their document with theme of name + major + application for EOYS to Document should include: CV, important achievements and supporting materials.

Deadline for application: March 31, 2022.


      Contact person

Human resource officeMs. He and Mr. Li


Project management and planning office

Mr. Nian and Mr. Sun





  • About us

Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes (QISL)Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)founded in 1965is the only scientific research institute dedicated to comprehensive salt lake research in China. QISL has been focusing on the national demand for agricultural potassium fertilizers and high-end products based on lithium, boron, and magnesium. QISL mainly engages in research relating to salt lake resources and chemistry, formation and evolution of salt lakes, as well as the foundation, application basis and technical research and development of salt lake resources and utilization. At present, there are three labs in the institute, i.e. Laboratory of Salt Lake Geology and Environment, Laboratory of Salt Lake Resources Chemistry, and Salt Lake Resource Development Engineering Research Center. In addition, QISL has a pilot base for the comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources, the salt lake chemical analysis and testing center, and information service center.

Over the past 50 years QISL has fulfilled more than 300 scientific research achievements, including 57 national, provincial and ministerial awards, and two national awards. The major scientific and technological contributions achieved include: (1) basically completed the investigation and evaluation of China's salt lake resources; (2) laid the theoretical system of salt lake geology and salt lake chemistry in China; (3) made a foundation for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to successfully cross the saline crust over salt lakes; (4) laid the technical foundation of China's potash fertilizer industry; (5) pioneered the scientific method and mature technology of extracting lithium from salt lake brine with a high magnesium-to-lithium ratio; (6) provided complete sets of technologies for Chinese enterprises to develop potassium resources overseas for the first time.

The institute has trained a number of qualified researchers, of whom 4 were elected academicians of CAS. Currently there are 237 employees, including 37 professors, 67 associate professors and 129 graduate students. QISL offers Ph.D. study in geology and chemistry and master’ degree study in chemistry, geology and chemical engineering & technology. There are two platforms for postdoc research in chemistry and geology.

The institute is now publicly recruiting outstanding talents and scholars of relevant disciplines who possess research abilities and innovation awareness across the world to strengthen its capability in basic research and engineering technology to fuel original innovation as well as provide scientific and technical support to foster salt lake industry base.


  • Fields of research

1. Resource and environment supportiveness of salt lakes and eco-environment protection. Mineralization mechanisms, transmission & phase transformation of salts, high-efficiency exploitation, eco-environmental effect of resource development, evaluation of the resource and environment supportiveness and eco-environmental protection in salt lake areas.

2. High-efficiency separation of salt lake resources and process strengthening. Green and high-efficiency separation mechanisms of salt lake resources, modern separation technology, process strengthening and their application in engineering.

        3Cutting-edge technology in production of high-end chemicals based on salt lake resources. Chemical principles, key technology and pilot engineering in preparation of high-end chemicals used in modern agriculture, new energy and new materials.