Research Progress

ISL Proposed A New Understanding Of The Mechanism Of Aluminum Hydroxide-Based Lithium Sorbent Adsorbing Lithium From Brine


Lithium is a metal element with strong electrochemical activity. It is a new type of energy and strategic resource that is of great significance in the national economy and national defense construction. It is called “the energy metal that promotes world progress”. Lithium brine resources account for about 2/3 of the total global lithium resources. The preparation of lithium products from lithium-containing brines is lower than the cost of preparing lithium products from lithium ore. Lithium-containing brines are getting more and more attention. In recent years, the lithium extraction technology of brine has achieved remarkable innovation and progress, and the lithium-raundering enterprises of brine have also achieved considerable economic benefits.

Professor Wu Zhijian Research Team, from Salt Lake Resources Chemistry Laboratory, have worked on the preparation, adsorption performance, adsorption mechanism and adsorption separation process of aluminum hydroxide-based lithium sorbent. The preparation, adsorption and desorption properties of aluminum hydroxide-based lithium sorbent, adsorption and desorption of adsorbents have been comprehensively analyzed. After the structure and morphology changes, the adsorption mechanism was deeply analyzed. For details, see Salt Lake Research, No. 3, 2018, “Research Highlights”, 1-6 pages.

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Image taken fromDong Wei, Li Yanjie, Pu Xianglan, et al. Adsorption of Lithium from Salt Lake Brine by Aluminium Salt Adsorbent[J]. Rare Metals, 2007, 31(3): 357-361.