Research Progress

An industry promotion plan project by ISL verified for acceptance.


On October 18, a high and new technology development and industry promotion plan project, named “technology development research on annual output of 80000 tons of potassium chloride and magnesium sulfate based on salt lake of sulfate type “, which was jointly assumed by ISL and Bd Salt LTD, was accepted by experts from Department of Science and Technology of Qinghai Province.

The project successfully predict law of salt out by establish brine evaporation salting mathematical model of Queensland salt lake. The evaporation process was simplified by mixing brine method. All of the potassium in the brine was transferred into carnallite in order to produce potassium chloride. And through a period of salt production operation, magnesium sulfate carnallite was obtained which accord with potassium chloride production requirements.

The project also establish the process of production of magnesium sulfate carnallite by salt pan insulation, formulate a reasonable and effective flotation reagents system. Finally got products containing potassium chloride grade of over 95%, potassium recovery is more than 61%, solved the problem of low grade of the products.

The project formulate the reasonable magnesium sulfate flotation reagents system, determined the magnesium sulfate flotation process, solve the potassium mention tailings of magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride flotation separation of problem, products quality achieve agricultural seven water magnesium sulfate HG/T 2680-95 standard.

Experts agreed that the project completed the program provisions content,verified for acceptance.