Research Progress

Project of 150,000 tons per year of potassium magnesium has passed through evaluation


On 23th February 2012, the project “Improvement and optimization of magnesium potassium sulfate fertilizer production with an annual output of 150,000 tons at Qinghai Yu-Lian Potash Fertilizer Limited Company of CITIC GUOAN” has been successfully passed its final acceptance by expert committees of QingHai Science and technology Department and Its technology reached the domestic advanced level.  Which project was cooperated by ISL and the Qinghai CITIC Guoan Yu Potash Co., Ltd.

The project based on the patented technology of the Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, potassium sulfate ore preparation of potassium magnesium through the technology of the decomposition and transformation, flotation separation at room temperature to transform the process heating conversion screening process to remove the sodium production of potassium sulfate magnesium fertilizer. By technological innovation, the process gets a better optimized and achieves the design production capacity of potassium magnesium.

After the assessment of the production operation, potassium magnesium fertilizer flotation agent adaptability, good selectivity, high yield, the reagent system is reasonable. The potassium yield from 30-35% of the original process improves to the present 66-68%. Energy consumption decreases by 40% and water consumption reduces 45-55%. The production of 1 tons of product cost reduces 300 yuan of above and the product quality meets the national standard GB/T20937-2007.

(The production department of magnesium potassium sulfate fertilizer production. Photo/RCL)