Research Progress

Xi-Hai Metropolis : QingHai Critical Technology on Electro-synthesis of Sodium Dichromate Has a Significance Breakthrough


On January 2, 2012, “Research on the Critical Technology of Electro-synthesis of Sodium dichromate” undertaken by ISL and QingHai Chromate High-tech Cooperation has been successfully passed its final acceptance by expert committees of QingHai Science and technology Department. Its technology program provide technical demonstration for QingHai chromium project, it was promoted as one of the four processes for national chromium project by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its technology reached the international advanced level.

Chromium products as important chemistry material in national economy, as its strong oxidation, it can destroy and corrosion organism, the traditional chromic salt production let out great of waste residues, liquid waste and waste gas including chromic, the chromic salt industry has been on the head of great pollution industry for a long time and in great needed for the change of production process. This program Taking sodium chromate as raw material, by using twice electrolysis , solved the key technology of electro synthesis of sodium dichromate, making a shorter process, higher purity, less pollute technique, this program archived international level, and set an example for chromic salts production.

Researchers of ISL introduced “Electro-synthesis Method” produce sodium dichromate and build the first electro-synthesis sodium dichromate pilot plant. It has produced 500 tons of chromium products. The project achievements as a model for China’s chromium production industry’s green economy road.

The pilot-plant equipments of Electro-synthesis of Sodium dichromate. Photo/Haitao Feng