Research Progress

Project of the ISL Won Third Prize of Science &Technology Progress Award in Qinghai Province


Phase transformations of Li+Mg2+Na+// SiO32-Cl-SO42-- H2O system ” completed by Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes won the third prize of Science and Technology Progress Award in Qinghai Province 2010.

This project studied the phase diagram of Li+, Mg2+, Na+//SiO32-, SO42--H2O system. Making use of salt lake brine system and silicate systems, simulating the natural geological conditions of forming hectorite, a larger proportion and a wide range magnesium/ lithium ratio of salt lake brine synthetic multi-element materials were synthesized by hydrothermal method. According to the phase diagrams, the information about the compounds synthesis, properties and the size of corresponding phase region can be obtained. The phase diagram could be used as the theoretical principle for synthesis of hectorite and comprehensive utilization of brine. Also, the results for the geological origin of Salt Lake, Salt Lake in the mineral formation, the synthesis of new areas of silicate, the discovery of new compounds and the comprehensive utilization of salt lake and the development of high value products provided the basic data and theoretical basis.

The TEM of hectorite (provided by Prof. Jia)