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    Salt Lake Resources and Chemistry Laboratory
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    The Salt Lake Resources and Chemistry Laboratory (RCL) is accredited as a key laboratory of Qinghai Province in 2005. Later in 2008, the laboratory is upgraded to be a key laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences by after qualification evaluation. Presently, RCL has 37 fixed researchers and 57 postgraduate students.


    The laboratory is oriented to the studies on salt lake resources and environmental science, with its mission as follows:

    • Conduct intensive studies on interactions of salt lake salt-water systems and migration regularity of halogen in salt lakes aiming at revealing the forming environment and mechanism of salt minerals in salt lakes:
    • Persistently explore the various physical chemical properties of salt-water systems of salt lakes as well as the processes, mechanisms and patterns of phase equilibrium, enriching and innovating salt lake research theories and methodology;
    • Expand the frontiers of salt lake resources and chemistry, and carry out fundamental and applied fundamental study on salt lake science;
    • Establish, develop, improve and refine basic theories and approaches in the studies of salt lake resources and chemistry, thereby continually bringing about valuable original achievements in the fields of salt lake inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and geochemistry;
    • Attract and mobilize a strong team of excellent sat lake professionals, and foster and build a group of innovative talents in salt lake science and technology for our country;
    • Endeavor in salt lake undertakings, offer scientific and technical basis for the exploitation and utilization of China salt lake resources, and boost the national salt lake industry.


    The laboratory is well equipped with a strong lot of apparatuses totaling RMB 20 million, including X-ray diffractometer XPert PRO, gaseous isotope MAT-251, isotopic thermal ionization spectrometry (triton), thermal analysis system TG/DTA92 DSC-111, atomic absorption spectrometer GBC-908, plasma emission spectrum mass spectrometry VG AXIOM SC, scanning electron microscope JSM-5610LV, Fourier infrared spectrometer NEXUSTM, gas phase chromatography mass spectrometry QP2010, laser particle analyzer MS-2000, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer AXios, OSL dating TL/OSL-DA-20. These apparatuses are excellently operated and maintained, thereby rendering strong scientific support for studies on salt deposit evolution, salt environment, salt deposit patterns, and salt lake solution and phase chemistry executed by the institute, as well as measurement service to outer organizations.


    RCL's main scopes of study:

    • Hylogen and isotopic geochemical behavior and process
    • Evolution of salt lakes, regularity of ore formation and environmental transition
    • Solution structure, phase equilibrium and thermodynamics of salt lake brines
    • Chemical kinetics and molecular dynamics in the dissolution and crystallization of salt minerals
    • Salt lake phase chemistry and evaporite mineralization processes





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