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    Introduction to ISL Postgraduate Education Programs
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    The Postgraduate Administration Center, which is a division of ISL's general affairs office, is responsible for overall management of postgraduate education of the institute, routinely working on scheming, enrolling and education of students as well as organizing thesis debates, degree awarding, and employment guidance, etc.

    The institute has been accredited for supervising and granting PhD degrees in inorganic chemistry and geochemistry,

    The institute has also been accredited for supervising and granting master degrees in inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, geochemistry, and chemical engineering, presently enrolling 25 master students each year. The discipline of Inorganic Chemistry is composed of 4 research fields: salt and elemental chemistry, physical chemis try, materials chemistry, and separation technology; Analytical Chemistry covers 2 fields: inorganic analytical chemistry and instrumental analytical chemistry; Geochemistry covers 4 fields: environmental geochemistry, lacustrine sedimentology and environment, Quaternary environmental geochemistry, and remote sensing and geographical information; Chemical Engineering comprises process technology of inorganic salts and separation engineering. Regarding the disciplines of examinations, test papers for politics, English and mathematics (II) are prepared by national authorities; test papers for other disciplines, i.e., physical chemistry (A), comprehensive chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, advanced mathematics (B), general geology (A), geochemistry, physical geography, and principles of chemical engineering, are prepared by GUCAS.

    The institute adopts of a postgraduate student program of unified enrollment, unified education and unified degree conferral, which features a combined system of organization, faculty, regulations, and education, built between GUCAS and CAS institutes. The program is using a two-stage education pattern, i.e., students will undergo concentrated learning of various courses in GUCAS for the first year and work on researches and papers in the following two years. 

    At present, 16 PhD and 38 master advisors are held by ISL, supervising around 110 students. The institute facilities an excellent learning environment of enjoyable research activities and internet access, providing comfortable accommodations and attractive allowances to students: postgraduate dormitories are predominantly double rooms; stipends of RMB1000 per month for the first year in GUCAS, and stipends and research assistantship totaling RMB1600 per month after returning to the institute are allowed to master students; stipends and research assistantship totaling RMB2800 per month are allowed to PhD students.

    During 2002 to 2012, ISL has cultivated 300 postgraduates, including 218 masters and 82 PhDs. They are employed by research institutes, universities, joint ventures, large national corporations, governmental departments, as well as overseas organizations. The employment rate exceeds 90%. 




    See: Graduate Advisors.

    Contact Information:

    Miss Qing YANG, Graduate Administrator 
    Tel: 0971-6302024 
    Fax: 0971-6306002 
    Email: renshi@isl.ac.cn




    presently enrolling 10 doctoral students each year. The spring enrollment is mainly for the transition of master-doctor students; the autumn enrollment is based on examinations open to the whole society. The discipline of Inorganic Chemistry is composed of three research fields: salt and elemental chemistry,  physical chemistry, and materials chemistry. Geochemistry is composed of environmental geochemistry, lacustrine sedimentology and environment, and Quaternary environmental geochemistry. As for the enrollment examinations, English test papers are prepared by Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS); test papers of advanced inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry under the discipline of inorganic chemistry, together with environmental geochemistry and geological chemistry under the discipline of geochemistry are prepared by the institute itself.
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