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    Engineering and Technology Research Center of Comprehensive Utilization of Salt Lake Resources
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    Engineering and Technology Research Center of Comprehensive Utilization of Salt Lake Resources (ETRC) was founded in 2005. The research programs of ETRC focus on the developments of the technologies of comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources of Lithium, magnesium, potassium and boron, yield of the high value products of the salt lake resources and engineering and industrialization enhancements of the technology supports for the corporations, which are engaged in the development and comprehensively utilization of the salt lake resources.


    Under the direction of the "Knowledge Innovation Program" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, ETRC has developed a series of technologies of comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources. They are listed as follows:

    • Extraction of lithium from brine containing high content of magnesium
    • Dehydration of bischofite for magnesium electrolysis
    • Development of new potassium sulfate
    • Development of the products of lithium series, such as lithium battery, lithium lubricate and metal lithium
    • Development of the products of magnesium series, such as metal magnesium and magnesium alloys


    Currently, ETRC are granted by CAS, NSFC, Qinghai province and the national ministry of science and technology for putting emphasis on separation, extraction and comprehensive utilization of potassium, boron, lithium and magnesium from salt lake brine, scaling-up the productions of lithium series materials and magnesium series materials and the realization of the industrial success of many slat lake resource related projects.


    ETRC has fostered the development strategy that industrializing scientific technologies, corporationaling the management and marketing the products. By combining the technology innovation and management innovation and integrating with technical elites, ETRC directs its strategic goal for sustainable development for comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources. By developing the advanced technologies and obtaining more salt-lake related new products, a new institution, which could supply the high-tech products and participate the international competition will be created.


    The task of ETRC: Develop the new technologies; realize the industrial success; cultivate a number of academic and technical elites; provide technologies; provide information; analytical services and international cooperation.


    ETRC has 64 staff including 15 professors, 16 PhD advisors, 25 associate professors. It has been accredited by the Degree Committee of State Council for supervising and granting PhD degrees in inorganic chemistry, material chemistry and physical chemistry. ETRC accepts about 30 graduate students every year.





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