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    CAS Academicians
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    Prof. Shiyang GAO

    Prof. Shiyang GAO (1931-2002), salt lake chemist, CAS member. Academician Gao had been dedicated himself to a number of fields including borate chemistry of salts and brines, thermodynamic nonequilibrium phase diagrams of borate salt-water systems and structural chemistry of solutions, as well as exploration and utilization of salt lake resources and development of high-value salt lake products. He had inherited and expanded salt lake chemistry, and established salt lake elemental inorganic chemistry. His contribution in the studies of borate chemistry of salts and brines is original. (More…) 

    Prof. Pengxi ZHANG

    Prof. Pengxi ZHANG (1931- ), salt lake geochemist, CAS member. Academician Zhang had been director of ISL from 1984 to 1991. He was honored as one 'State-level Young and Middle-aged Expert with Prominent Contribution'. He has engaged in lifelong salt lake geochemical studies. He had repeatedly organized and supervised salt lake resources surveys all over the country. The surveys confirmed the features of multiplicity, vastness, abundance and variety of Chinese salt lakes, and verified the affluence of potassium resources in Qinghai salt lakes, which had laid the foundation for the establishment of Qinghai potash production base. (More…)

    Prof. Dagang LIU

    Prof. Dagang LIU (1904-1991), chemist in inorganic and physical chemistry, CAS member.  Academician Liu was one of the forerunners in China dedicated in studies of molecular spectroscopy. He had been engaged in studies on molecular absorption spectroscopy in UV and far-infrared ray belts. He had special interests in applied chemistry: he had been engaged in studies on chemistry of minerals in his earlier career; after 1950s, he made extraordinary contributions in inorganic synthetic chemistry, salt lake surveys and salt lake chemistry. He had made numerous groundbreaking achievements in salt lake chemistry, which distinguished him as the founder of salt lake chemistry in China. Moreover, he was an excellent scientific organizer.  (More)




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