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    China Salt Lake Scripts
    Update time: 2019-07-10
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    China Salt Lake Scripts, coauthored by Xiyu Zheng, Minggang Zhang, Chang Xu and Bingxiao Li, was published by Science Press in 2002.

    The book was written by ISL scientists based on their extensive field surveys, issue studies and laboratory tests, as well as a systematic analysis of the salt lake literature. The work is presented in two parts, totaling 13 Chapters broken down into 27 sections.The first part presents a profile of salt lakes in China and their distribution, salt lake sedimentology and salt lake resources; elaborates on the natural environment for salt lake evolution, with more focus on salt lake topography, surface drainage patterns and climatic features; and gives a description of China salt lake partitions, in terms of administrative regions and geographical distribution, and their respective features as well. The second part briefly  describes 800 or more salt lakes with an area of over 1km2 located in Tibetan, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and 10 other salt lake territories, in terms of their geographical locations, traffic, brine chemistries, salt mineral constituents, lake basin evolution types, lacustrine deposit features, salt formation environments, as well as comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources.

    The book contains a wealth of data and important information, most of which were published for the first time. As such, it is valuable for researchers, manufacturers, and teachers engaged in the fields of salt lake geochemistry, geological environment, resource exploration and development, and chemistry and chemical engineering.



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