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    Journal of Salt Lake Research
    Update time: 2019-06-05
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    Journal of the Salt Lake Research (J. Salt Lake Res.), founded in 1972, is a publication dedicated to the dissemination of research results and findings in salt lake and related fields.  It is operated by Qinghai institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences and published by Science Press. J. Salt Lake Res. was originally named Salt Lake Science and Technology Data primarily for internal communication and renamed to its present name in 1986. Its publication commenced from May 1992, after being approved by the National Science Committee and Press and Publication Administration. As of today, 63 issues in 16 volumes have been published. The current editor-in-chief is CAS Academician Pengxi Zhang.

    After more than 30 years of development, J. Salt Lake Res. has become a core journal with international influence in salt lake science and technology and related fields. J. Salt Lake Res. is indexed by a number of retrieval systems and databases including Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), Digest of Chinese Academic Journals, Chinese Academic Journals Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Chemical Literature Database, Chinese Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Digest, Chinese Academic Journals (CD-ROM) and Wanfang Data Digital Periodicals, etc.


    Scope of Publication:

    • Research reports and papers on geochemistry of salt lakes, subsurface and oilfield waters, hydrogeology, inorganic chemistry of salt formation elements, solution chemistry and bittern analytical chemistry.
    • Separation and extraction, mining and processing technologies in the exploration of the above mentioned resources; achievements in the development of new products, innovative methods and techniques, novel processes and applications, as well as creative stage research and application reports.
    • Inorganic materials research based on solid minerals and brine resources; computer technology application in the research and production of salt lake brines etc.
    • Summaries, comments, monographs, investigation reports, letters and development of above mentioned contents.

    Oriented Readers:

    • Researchers, designers and administrators on basic research and application of salt lakes, subsurface brines and seawater.
    • Teachers and students of universities and institutes majoring at geochemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, salt analytical chemistry and mining technology etc.
    • Technicians in chemical, metallurgical and building materials industries.

    The Journal is a quarterly with an A4 layout and 72 pages per issue, published on 5th of the last month of each season. Its subscription is CNY8.00 per issue (CNY32.00 yearly). Orders can be made through branch offices of China Post all over the country or directly to the editorial office. Its registration NO.: CN63-1026P; mail code: 56-20.

    Contact Information:

    Editorial Office of Journal of Salt Lake Research
    Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    18 Xinning Rd, Xining 810008, Qinghai, P.R. China
    Tel: 0971-6301683
    Email: editor@isl.ac.cn

    Managing Editor: Chensong Wang
    Tel: 0971-6306025
    Email: wangcs@isl.ac.cn

    Additional Information:  http://yhyj.chinajournal.net.cn 

    Copyright © 1997-, Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Sciences