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    The related equipment of a typical salt lake multi-source information observation platform on the northern margin of Qaidam has been erected by ISL
    Update time: 2021-04-10
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    Recently, the Salt Lake Geology and Environment Laboratory has completed the installation and commissioning of related observation equipment. The undertaking projects are the Second Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Comprehensive Scientific Investigation Salt Lake Special Project (2019QZKK0805) and the Qinghai Province Innovation Platform Construction Special Project "Typical Salt Lake Expansion on the Northern Margin of Qaidam-Spill Early Warning Assessment and Multi-source Information on the Impact of Potassium, Boron, Lithium, Beryllium Resources Platform construction".

    In order to observe and analyze the water level rise of typical salt lakes in the northern margin of Qaidam and the changes of resource elements, the changes of lake water level and the response of the ecological environment in detail, four lakes including Tuosu Lake, Koluk Lake, Xiaochaidan Lake and Sugan Lake were observed for meteorological and water levels. In addition, multiple related factors such as wind speed, wind direction, precipitation, evaporation, temperature, lake water level, and monthly-scale salt lake resource element changes in the lake area have been observed and analyzed indoors. These observational data will provide scientific basis for production safety, infrastructure protection and other aspects.


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