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    ISL made a major breakthrough in the research on the key technology of clean production of electrosynthesis of sodium dichromate
    Update time: 2021-01-27
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    Recently, the "Key Technology of Electrosynthesis Sodium Dichromate Closed Cycle Process and 50,000 Tons Industrialization" project undertaken by the research team of Dong Yaping and Feng Haitao of ISl was successfully commissioned in Qinghai Bohong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. in Ganhe Industrial Park, Qinghai Province. A crystalline product of sodium dichromate dihydrate with good crystal morphology was obtained, and the main content of the product was greater than or equal to 99.7%, which reached the standard of superior industrial sodium dichromate. This marks a breakthrough in the research on the key technology of the green cycle new process for the electrosynthesis of sodium dichromate by ISL, and also indicates that Qinghai Bohong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the ranks of international advanced enterprises in the production of chromium salt.

    The chromium chemical industry has an irreplaceable special position in China’s economic and social development. Chromium chemical products based on sodium dichromate, chromic anhydride, chromium trioxide, chromium sulfate, chromium oxychloride and metallic chromium are closely related to 15% of the commodities in the national economy, are used in leather, printing and dyeing, medicine, anticorrosion, electroplating. However, the high pollution, difficult management and long-term destructive problems in the production of basic chromium salt products are the fatal hidden dangers for the survival and development of chromium chemical companies. The "source governance" of chromium chemical production is a fundamental measure to solve the "bottleneck" of chromium salt production.

    With the strong support of Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the research team of Dong Yaping and Feng Haitao of Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute have been systematically studying the electrochemical preparation of chromium salt technology since 2007 on the basis of preliminary research. The project solved the closed loop process of electrosynthesis of sodium dichromate, makes full use of the by-product sodium hydroxide, hydrogen and oxygen to meet the requirements of zero emission, established a test method for accurately detecting the types and contents of trace ions in raw materials and products, solved the problems of tolerance and efficiency of anode and ion exchange membrane materials; establish real-time monitoring of important process parameters and interlock control mechanism. It has laid a solid technical foundation for the successful implementation of the "Key Technology of Electrosynthesis of Sodium Dichromate Closed Cycle Process and Industrialization of 50,000 Tons". At the same time, the research team continues to deepen the research and development of the series of chromium salt products prepared by electrochemical methods, and establishes long-term, stable and effective cooperative relations with chromium salt companies, and gradually promotes and applies the series of chromium salt process technologies developed in recent years. On the basis of the technology of preparing sodium dichromate by the electrochemical method, a complete set of chromium salt cleaner production technology based on electrochemical method has been successfully developed, including the electrochemical ferric oxide preparation of sodium chromate and the co-production of chromium trioxide and ferric oxide. Membrane electrosynthesis of sodium dichromate and ion membrane electrosynthesis of chromic anhydride.

     Install ion membrane

    Automatic control center

    Group photo of the main members of the research team







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