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    The 18th Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of ISL
    Update time: 2018-08-07
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    On August 3, the 18th Youth Promotion Association Academic Salon was held in ISL. Professor Duan Hongtao from the Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Associate Professor Yao Xiaojun from Northwest Normal University were invited for academic exchanges and gave a report.

    Duan Hongtao made an academic report entitled “Remote Sensing Theory and Practice of Large-scale Lake Water Environment”. Duan Hongtao talked about the basic principles of water color remote sensing, and then talked about the results of his research team's research on cyanobacteria monitoring in Taihu Lake. Finally, Duan Hongtao spoke about some of the research results recently obtained by his research team on the study of suspended solids concentration in water. The study found that sand mining vessels have a large impact on the concentration of suspended solids in the lake.

    Yao Xiaojun made an academic report entitled “Research on Lake Change and Floods in the Hoh Xil Region”. Yao Xiaojun first talked about his use of remote sensing data to find that the area of Lake Cousai continued to increase between 1989 and 2011 (especially since 2006, the lake entered a period of rapid growth). The increase in precipitation is the main reason for the expansion of Lake Cousse during this period. The two heavy precipitation processes before August 22, 2011 and the subsequent continuous precipitation led to the completion of the Zhuo Nai Lake, injecting a large amount of water into the Lake of Kusai, which led to a sharp increase in the size of Lake Cousai, and finally on September 20, 2011. It will be turned into an outflow lake until the 30th. Finally, Yao Xiaojun talked about his latest understanding of using remote sensing data to study the phenological characteristics of lake ice on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

    The academic report lasted nearly 2 hours. The wonderful reports of Duan Hongtao and Yao Xiaojun made the participating teachers and students gain a lot. After the report was over, the rapporteur and the teachers and students at the meeting had a heated discussion and in-depth exchange on issues of interest.



     Professor Duan Hongtao made a report

    Professor Yao Xiaojun made a report


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