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    The 16th Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of ISL
    Update time: 2018-06-07
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            On June 5, The 16th Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association in the Conference Room on the sixth floor of ISL. He Yubang, the director of the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration, came to Qinghai Salt Lake for academic exchanges and made a report.
            First of all, He Yubang introduced the general situation, institutional functions and personnel composition of the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve Administration. After that, he gave an academic report entitled “Qinghai Lake Wetland Ecology and Protection”. In the report, he described the understanding and research results of the monitoring and analysis of animals, plants, hydrology and meteorology in Qinghai Lake from the aspects of resource monitoring, scientific research, popular science education, community co-management and ecological engineering. In cooperation with a number of universities and research institutes at home and abroad in recent years, the results of observation and scientific research have been applied to popular science education, animal and plant protection, etc. Finally, He hoped that ISL can establish in-depth cooperation with Qinghai Lake  National Nature Reserve Administration, and obtain in-depth cooperation in Qinghai Lake ecological environment monitoring and monitoring data analysis, database construction, data sharing, and tourism policy advice.
            The academic report lasted nearly 2 hours, and He Yubang's wonderful report made the audience gain a lot. After the report was completed, the reporters and the teachers and students attending the meeting held heated discussions and exchanges on relevant scientific issues. Some teachers and students from ISL and some teachers Qinghai Provincial Meteorological Bureau attended the academic salon.



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