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    ISL Organized the 24th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum”
    Update time: 2017-09-07
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    On August 29, ISL organized the 24th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum” in the Conference Room on the sixth floor of ISL. Prof. Liu Gao from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory visited ISL for academic exchanges and gave academic reports. Forum was chaired by Zhou Yuan, the director of the Key Laboratory of Salt Lake Resources Chemistry of Qinghai Province.

    Prof. Liu Gao gave a report entitled “The design, synthesis and engineering of soft materials for lithium batteries”. The report introduced the design, synthesis and application of binders for lithium batteries. Professor Liu Gao is the head of the Applied Energy Materials Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Energy Storage and Distribution Resources Division. He specializes in the research and development of materials and energy storage and has achieved fruitful results in the field of electrochemical energy storage materials and systems.




    On the meeting.

    Professor Liu gave a report















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