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    The 13th Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of ISL
    Update time: 2017-08-20
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    In order to reinforced the curriculum exchanges of different disciplines between young scholars, and to promote cross-disciplinary integration, enhance cooperation and innovation capability of young scholars, August 17, the Associate Professor Li Shijie and the Associate Researcher Li Yang of the Guiyang Institute, from Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited by the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of ISL to conduct an academic exchange on August 17.

    Li Shijie gave a report entitled "Current Situation of Collection and Research of Desert Rocks in China". Li first discussed the identification methods of desert meteorite and the methods for finding meteorite in China from seven aspects including melting shell, density, porosity, gas seal, rust, sphere, and magnetism. Afterwards, Li talked about the distribution of Chinese desert meteorites and his own research on meteorites. Finally, he looked forward to more scolite hunters engaged in the search for desert meteorite, so that more people understand the relevant knowledge of desert meteorite, in particular, how to identify meteorites in the desert.

    Li Yang gave a report titled “Outside-ground sample microanalysis technology and nanometal iron research”. Li briefly introduced the status quo of space weathering and nanometal iron origination. Afterwards, Li Yang talked about laser simulated micro-meteor bombardment experiments and the formation of nano-metal iron. He finally talked about the principle and use of spectrum scanning.

    After the report was completed, the reporters and the teachers and students attending the meeting held heated discussions and exchanges on relevant scientific issues. Some teachers and students from ISL and some teachers and students from the Qinghai Normal University’s College attended the academic salon.






    Li Shijie gave a report.





    Li Yang gave a report.















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