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    The Eighth Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Qinghai Institute of ISL
    Update time: 2017-03-30
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    In order to strengthen the academic exchanges between young scholars in different disciplines at home and abroad, to promote cross-cutting and integration of disciplines, to enhance the cooperation and innovation ability of young scholars of ISL, Youth Innovation Association Group of ISL invite Zhao Jingdong and Li Zongsheng ,the Associate Professor of Northwest Institute of Eco-Environmental Resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Li Guoqiang, the Associate Professor of Lanzhou University went to Qinghai Salt Lake for academic exchange on March 28th.

    Professor Zhao gave a lecture entitled "Overview of modern glaciers and Tianshan Quaternary glacier evolution sequence". Firstly, Zhao told the story of the history of glaciers in China, reviewed the history of glacier studies in China and the existence of glaciers in the eastern part of China. At last, he studied the research achievements of glacier development history in the Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang. He believes that the Tianshan Mountain at least 40 million years ago with the development of glaciers required by the conditions, began to develop glaciers.

    Professor Li made a report titled “Qilian Mountain stable isotope hydrological process preliminary study”. Li analyzed the transition from solid water to liquid water in the alpine region from the perspective of the increase of liquid precipitation and the severe ablation of snow and ice, and took the water vapor recirculation as the link between the climatic science, hydrology and the frozen field. This paper explored the conversion of gaseous water to liquid water in the alpine region. On this basis, the influence of the conversion of the multi - phase water body on the runoff composition in the alpine region is systematically analyzed.

    Professor Li a lecture on "High Resolution Luminescence Dating and Late Quaternary Climate Change Models in the Loess Records of the Central Asian Tianshan Region". Li gave an account of the research team of his research team in Xinjiang Tianshan area to study the late Quaternary loess sequence made a series of scientific research..

    After the report, the speaker and the participating teachers and students on the relevant scientific issues launched a heated discussion and exchange.


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