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    ISL Organized the 17th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum”
    Update time: 2016-08-01
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    On July 28, ISL organized the 17th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum” in the Conference Room on the sixth floor of ISL. Professor Mingmei Wu from Sun Yat-Sen University and professor Yingliang Liu from South China Agricultural University were invited to give reports. Forum was chaired by deputy director Zhijian Wu.

    Professor Mingmei Wu gave us a report named “The preparation of titanium dioxide control topology extension transition metal oxide nano-materials and its application in lithium ion battery and environment”. Professor Wu introduced topology and chemical transfer, specific crystal titanium dioxide controllable synthesis and directional growth and its application in the light catalysis, photoelectricity and lithium ion batteries. Professor Wu has been engaged in the preparation of inorganic functional materials, structure and properties and application research since graduate student period. In recent five years, he was mainly engaged in rare earth and semiconductor crystal grain structure topology changes, epitaxial growth, and the design of complex structure and controllable preparation and its application in the energy and environment research. He was involved in more than 20 projects of Natural Science Foundation of China, Department of Guangdong province, etc.

    Professor Yingliang Liu gave us a report named “The research progress of optical luminescence materials in agriculture”. In the report, Professor Liu indicated that photoluminescence materials would play an important role in the aspect of making full use of solar energy to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis. He briefly introduced the development history of the light material, three new agricultural turn light materials includes nitrogen oxides luminescent material, carbon point luminescent material and composite luminescent materials, and the design and application of agricultural film and LED light artificial illuminant. Professor Liu engaged in the research of functional materials and nano materials, the main direction of studying includes the exploration of new luminescence materials, optical properties and its application in the field of agriculture and energy, the preparation and photoelectric properties of biomass carbon material and its application in the field of energy and agriculture. In 2005 and 2008, he won the third prize of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award and the second prize of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award.

    In the following interactive session, all attendees discussed and exchanged ideas around the reports. Two experts gave us wonderful reports on different areas, it promoted the academic exchanges of internal and external researchers, was beneficial to broad academic vision of the scientific research personnel, and drove young researchers study enthusiasm and initiative.





    Professor Wu gave a report




    Professor Liu gave a report. 




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