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    ISL Organized the 16th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum”
    Update time: 2016-07-25
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    On July 21, ISL organized the 16th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum” in the Conference Room on the sixth floor of ISL. Professor Caiyin You and professor Weihua Zhang from Xi'an University of Technology, professor Suqin Liu and professor Zhen He from Central South University were invited to give reports. Forum was chaired by Yuan Zhou, the director of the salt lake resources lab.

    Professor Caiyin You gave us a report named “Energy storage preparation of functional materials and their interface control”. Professor You introduced preparation, research idea and application of the rare earth magnetic materials and the lithium ion battery materials. Professor Caiyin You engaged in the research of functional materials and structural materials under the Hundred Talent Program in Shanxi Province. He was involved in more than 10 projects of ministry of science and technology major project of international cooperation, national natural fund doctoral fund, fok ying tung foundation and the ministry of education.

    Professor Suqin Liu gave us a report named “Synthesis of sulfonated polyimide membranes for all vanadium redox flow batteries”. In the report, Professor Liu introduced research background, research contents, conclusion and prospect of all vanadium flow batteries. Professor liu is mainly engaged in functional materials chemistry, electrochemistry, energy device. Professor Liu was involved in more than 10 projects of national natural science foundation, outstanding youth fund projects of Hunan province, etc.

    Professor Weihua Zhang gave us a report named“The preparation and research progress of lithium ion battery cathode material”. Professor Zhang introduced the structure and aging mechanism of the lithium ion battery and the present situation and the development direction of the power battery with the anode material.

    Professor Zhen He gave us a report named “Electrodeposition of Functional Metal Oxide Thin Films and Superlattices”. Professor He introduced the characteristics of electroplating, metal oxide electrodeposition, etc. Professor He mainly engaged in the field of material chemistry and electrochemical crossover work, including nano structure of electrode materials, the synthesis of inorganic functional thin film materials and its application in the direction of the energy conversion and storage.

    Four experts gave us wonderful reports on different areas, it promoted the academic exchanges of internal and external researchers, was beneficial to broad academic vision of the scientific research personnel, and drove young researchers study enthusiasm and initiative.





    Professor You gave a report




    Professor Liu gave a report . 


    Professor Zhang gave a report .  

    Professor He gave a report  

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