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    The Third Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Qinghai Institute of ISL
    Update time: 2015-11-11
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    OctoberIn order to strengthen academic exchanges of different disciplines between young scholars, and to promote cross-disciplinary integration, enhance cooperation and innovation capability of young scholars, November 7, Group of Youth Innovation Promotion Association of ISL held the third academic salon with the theme of the provenance of the Loess Plateau and the ancient human of the Tibetan Plateau, and invited Dong Guanghui, Professor of Lanzhou University, Li Gaojun, Professor of Nanjing University, Hou Guangliang, Professor of Qinghai Normal University to make reports. Researchers and students of ISL and Qinghai Normal University attended the salon.

    In the morning, Professor Dong Guanghui made a report entitled "The Prehistoric Mankind in ‘the Roof of the World'". Dong Guanghui told that humans mainly settled in the Tibetan plateau 2600 meters above sea level or less and cultivated millet about 5200-3600 years ago based on the carbonized seeds dating from the archaeological site in northeastern Tibetan Plateau; since 3600, with the successful introduction of barley, human beings advanced to the high-altitude places, overcame cold climate and settled down.

    Professor Li Gaojun made a report entitled "From the Loess Plateau to the Tibetan Plateau: the geochemical perspective". Firstly, Li Gaojun told about their works on continental physical and chemical weathering and tectonic uplift and weathering of the Tibetan Plateau and the new understanding. Then they told about a series of work in provenance tracing aspects of East Asia dust and focused on the use of uranium isotope in tracing the history of the transportation of loess dust particle and the application in Xifeng loess. Finally he told the latest research results of the application of the Sr/Ca ratios in biological micro calcium loess body as ancient precipitation index in the summer wind in the central Loess Plateau, and comparative results between oxygen isotope indicators of micro calcium body and oxygen isotope indicators of stalagmite.

    Professor Hou Guangliang made a report named "Analysis on the origin of the prehistoric pottery in northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau". Hou Guangliang analyzed element content and compositions of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau pottery, discussed the possible origin of pottery with the method of principal component analysis. The report has an important inspiration for understanding the prehistoric cultural exchanges and trade of ancient human in northeastern Tibetan Plateau.

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