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    The 2nd Young Scientists Forum was held in ISL
    Update time: 2015-08-24
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    In order to strengthen academic exchanges between different disciplines, promote the discipline overlap and integration, enhance cooperation and innovation ability, the Youth Innovation Promotion Group of ISL organized the second Young Scientists Forum on Aug 18 and 19. The theme of the forum is the application of new polymer materials, electrochemical luminescence platform research and super hydrophobic/oleophobic materials research. Professors Jingquan Liu and Yuanhong Xu from Qingdao University, researcher Junping Zhang from Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS were invited to give reports in the forum. Researcher Yuan Zhou presided over the forum.

    Professor Liu gave us a report named “preparations, applications and industrializations of new functional polymers, graphene and metal nanomaterials”, and shared his research experience and achievements obtained overseas. Professor Xu gave a report named “Establishment and applications of electrochemical luminescence platform based on new materials and technologies”. Researcher Zhang gave a lecture named “Based on organic silicon of super hydrophobic/oleophobic materials”. This forum actives research atmosphere of ISL, and enhances young researchers’ academic exchange with fellows outside.

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