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    ISL held the academic reports of academicians in the 50th anniversary
    Update time: 2015-07-08
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    July 8, in the 50th anniversary of ISL, the academic reports of academicians were held in the Lecture Hall. The report invited Zheng Mianping, Academician of China Engineering Academy, and Zhu Qingshi, the Academic Division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Duan Dongping, Deputy Director of ISL presided over the report.

    First, Zheng Mianping made a report entitled "Understanding the salinology and salt systems". Report mainly introduced salinology, salt systems, salt lake agriculture, salt lake sediment, global change and salt lake comprehensive industry. In the report, he pointed out salt lake sciences have developed into a new stage, which is multi-disciplinary and areas-expansive. Strengthening the research of salt systems is not only related to the global economic development and human health problems, but also significant to the origin of life and the evolution of planets.

    Zhu Qingshi made a report entitled “How to Cultivate Innovative Talents”. Before the report, he gave the best wishes to ISL and noted the experience in ISL is a valuable experience and opportunities he has never forgotten. In the report, Zhu used his own experience as an example to show the importance of cultivating innovative talents to the development of nations. He believes that the most important thing of cultivating innovative talents is to encourage innovative ideas, promote thinking activity. Compared to traditional learning, learning to thinking is more effective in cultivating talents.




    Zheng gave a speech in the 50th anniversary.





    Zhu gave a speech in the 50th anniversary. 





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