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    ISL Organized the 8th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum”
    Update time: 2014-11-24
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    On Nov 17, ISL organized the 8th “Salt Lake Science and Technology Forum”. Researcher Maofa Ge from Institute of Chemistry CAS and Lijuan Li from ISL were invited to give reports. Forum was chaired by the deputy director Dongping .

    On 6th Maofa Ge, One Hundred Person Project of CAS and vice director of State Key Laboratory for Structural Chemistry of Unstable and Stable Species gave us a report “Atmospheric chemistry dynamic research”. Researcher Ge has been awarded 2nd class of National Natural Science Awards in 2006, supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China in 2009. His research direction is atmospheric chemistry and environmental physical chemistry, using spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and reaction kinetics to study atmospheric oxidation, aerosol physical chemistry and the formation and control mechanism of environmental pollution.

    Researcher Li gave a report “Scientific foundation of efficient utilization and green separation lithium in high ratio of magnesium to lithium salt lake brine”. She pointed out that extraction of lithium from salt lake brine had become the most important in energy scramble in the aspects of extraction system and technology, centrifugal extraction technology and equipment structure, and scientific problems in engineering process to solve.

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