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    China-US Cooperation Projects Study Group Visits ISL
    Update time: 2009-07-24
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    On 23 July 2009 afternoon, the China-US cooperation study group, made up of CAS, CAE and NAS (United States National Academy of Sciences) academicians, for advising collaborative projects of large-scale power generation using renewable energy, visited ISL, guided by CAS Member Zhongxian Zhao, who is chairman of the Chinese side.

    In Conference Room 4F, Fafu Li, deputy director of the research administration department, warmly welcomed the members from both sides of the study group. Afterwards, Research Prof. Hongfa Yu introduced ISL's history and research scopes to the study group, with some emphasis on latest developments of magnesium cement based solar energy buildings. After that, Fafu Li and Hongfa Yu accompanied the study group in their visit to sample buildings of ISL's energy-efficient solar magnesium cement products, wherein Li and Yu explained a few questions on magnesium cement based solar energy buildings.  


    Through this visit, the China-US cooperation projects study group has learned about the raw material, production process, construction and working principles of magnesium cement based solar energy buildings. Meanwhile, they offered valuable advice on the application of magnesium oxychloride cement as building materials. Also, the visit further promoted the knowledge of ISL by scientists from both countries.




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