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    The investigation and evaluation project of the impact of resource development of Chaerhan Salt Lake on the ecological environment passed the acceptance
    Update time: 2020-12-03
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    On November 30, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd. organized a final acceptance and results appraisal meeting for the project "Investigation and Evaluation of the Impact of Resources Development of Chaerhan Salt Lake on the Ecological Environment" in ISL. Members of the project review expert group, relevant personnel of Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., members of the ISL project team, and relevant staff of the Achievement Office of Qinghai Provincial Science and Technology Department attended the meeting.

    At the meeting, Wang Xiangqian, vice president of Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the background of the project, the main objectives of the project implementation, and the experts of the review team participating in the meeting. Subsequently, Professor Wang Jianping from Qinghai Salt Lake Institute, the undertaking unit of the project, reported on the significance of the project, main research content and results. After listening to the report, the expert committee believed that the content of the project report was complete, scientific, solid work, detailed data, methods in place, and reliable conclusions. The research content and technical indicators stipulated in the project contract were completed, and the content depth requirements of the research report were met. The experts unanimously agreed to pass the project acceptance.

    In the end, the evaluation expert committee organized and implemented the result identification. After questioning and discussion, the expert committee believed that the project started from the characteristics of the salt lake resource system for the first time, analyzed the dynamic change characteristics of the Chaerhan salt lake resource system under climate change and manual intervention. On this basis, further analyze the impact of resource development activities on surrounding water resources and ecological environment; From the perspective of system science, we have discovered the ecology produced by the natural evolution of salt lakes in the process of "replenishment-evaporation-concentration" and the resource utilization process of "water storage and dissolved ore-brine extraction-salt field technology-separation and extraction-replenishment" from multiple perspectives. The environmental effect reveals the special and complex relationship between the development of salt lake resources and ecological environment protection; the system identifies the main ecological risks faced by the development of resources in the Chaerhan salt lake, and proposes comprehensive optimization and control strategies for the ecological environment of the salt lake area. The expert committee unanimously agreed to appraise the results and believed that the results reached the domestic leading level.





    The meeting venue

    Vice President Wang Xiangqian introduced the background of the project

    Professor Wang Jianping made a report


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