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    Demonstration on the implementation Scheme of "Salt Lake Brine Recycling Technology and demonstration", a key deployment project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in ISL
    Update time: 2020-11-12
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    On November 5, the demonstration meeting on the implementation plan of the key deployment project "Salt lake brine regeneration technology and demonstration" was held in ISl. Experts from Qinghai University, Institute of mineral resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Qinghai CITIC Guoan Lithium Industry Development Co., Ltd., Hehai University, Lanzhou University, Qinghai Geological Survey Institute, Qinghai hydrological and Water Resources Survey Bureau, Qinghai Qaidam comprehensive geological and Mineral Exploration Institute, Institute of modern physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Northwest Plateau Biology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences Group formed an expert group. Wu Zhijian, director of ISL, Kang Shichang, vice president of Northwest Research Institute, attended the meeting. Personnel from relevant scientific research and management departments of ISL attended the meeting.

        The meeting was presided over by Kang Shichang. Kang Shichang first introduced the background and evaluation requirements of the project, and Wu Zhijian introduced the overall situation of scientific research work and project organization and implementation of Qinghai ISL. The project leader, professor Wang Jianping, made a detailed report on the overall implementation plan of the project, the specific research content to be carried out, the schedule, and the financial budget, etc. The project leaders successively reported on the setting up of their own subjects and the work to be carried out. The expert group inquired and discussed the research content, implementation scheme, technical indicators, project budget and other aspects of the project, and highly appraised the project. They believed that the project goal was clear, the technical route was reasonable, the implementation plan was feasible, the risk was controllable, and the budget met the relevant provisions. The project should by carry out relevant work according to the project plan through the project initiation demonstration.

    Finally, on behalf of the supporting units of the project, Wu Zhijian expressed his gratitude to the expert group and put forward relevant requirements for the organization and implementation of the project. He requested that efforts should be made to promote the efficient utilization of resources in the Salt Lake area and ensure the ecological security and green development of the Salt Lake area through the implementation of the project. Kang Shichang hoped that the supporting units of the project will fully support and guarantee the smooth implementation of the project, achieve the expected objectives of the project with quality and quantity, and make greater breakthroughs.



    The meeting venue 

     Kang Shichang presided over the meeting

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