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    ISL held Graduation thesis writing and standard report
    Update time: 2017-03-27
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    In order to standardize the form of graduate thesis writing, improve the quality of the paper, to ensure that graduate students to form a good habit of writing, a report about graduation thesis writing and standard was held in Qinghai institute of Salt Lakes on March 25th morning. All graduate students and some young workers attended the lecture more than 70 people.

    The keynote speaker of this lecture is tutor of doctoral professor Wu Zhijian. Professor Wu detailed listed some thesis format problems at the process of pre graduation of graduate students, from the topic of the thesis, the summary writing, the main body of the relevant references and reference formats and other aspects, and detailed introduced the writing format and related matters that should be paid attention to when writing a thesis, also given some suggestions on the writing format which is not expressly provided. The report is rich in content, informative, with a strong pertinence and practicality, the interaction between the reporter and students also greatly deepened the understanding of the students.

    Through this report, the majority of graduate students have a comprehensive understanding for the existing problems in the process of writing, meanwhile, have a certain understanding for how to standardize the writing thesis, it lays the foundation for the writing of higher quality and normative papers in the future for the audiences.



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