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    The Seventh session of the Eighth council of China Magnesite & Material Association was held in Beijing
    Update time: 2017-03-23
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    March 14, The Seventh session of the Eighth council of China Magnesite & Material Association was held in Beijing. President Lu Zequn, executive vice president Liu Wenjie and part of the vice president, executive director, director of the unit of China Magnesite & Material Association attended the meeting. The delegates of ISL attended the meeting.

    The main task of this meeting was to sort out the northwest, northeast, Guangdong and foreign exchanges and other branches in 2016 work results, and to discuss the main work of the 2017 Association and the new model of enterprises to rely on innovation to develop the model and further strengthen the product quality station in order to stand the market and open up the market, and to deploy of "magnesite production technology training courses (the second phase)" program,etc. The meeting agreed to ISL as vice president of units, and Professor Xiao Xueying, from ISL,as the Vice President of the 8th Council.

    At the meeting, ISL participants briefed the study of magnesium materials, development status and research team situation, and hoped that scientific and technological innovation can for make contribution to China's magnesium industry. At present,ISL has been cooperated with Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianren Duct Co., Ltd., Qinghai Jiayou Magnesium Co., Ltd., Haicheng Huafeng Magnesium Mining Co., Ltd., Shandong Institute of Building Science, Qinghai Province Building Materials Science Research Institute, Qinghai million extension Technology Building Materials Co., Ltd. and other units.



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