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    Tibet Shigatse Zabuye Lithium's CEO Visits ISL
    ArticleSource: Tech. Indus. Office
    Update time: 2010-10-20
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    (Ci Ren viewing salt minerals at the Exhibition Hall. Photo by Tech. Indus. Office)

    CI Ren, CEO of Tibet Shigatse Zabuye Lithium Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. visited ISL and viewed the pilot laboratory and the exhibition hall of the institute on September 26, 2010. Friendly and in-depth discussions were held between the two parties afterwards, with preliminary cooperation intentions reached in promoting integrated research and development (R&D) of the resources of Zabuye Salt Lake and jointly building a research center for comprehensive exploitation of Tibetan salt lake resources.

    ZHOU Yuan, vice director of ISL's research administration division made a brief introduction of the institute to the guests, followed by a brief exposition on the status and issues on the exploitation of the resources of Zabuye Salt Lake, made by Research Prof. ZHANG Zhihong based on their previous site visit.

    Ci Ren expounded on the status of Shigatse Zabuye Lithium's development and technological needs. He expressed thanks to the institute's interest in the integrated development of Zabuye and their wish to promote technological cooperation in this respect. They desire to exploit other resources including potassium, boron, rubidium and cesium in addition to lithium, aiming at boosting the economic benefits of the company.

    Tibet Shigatse Zabuye Lithium, formerly Tibet Zabuye Lithium Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. which was found in 1999, is held by Tibet Minerals Development Corporation. The company has been strongly involved in extracting lithium from Zabuye Salt Lake but suffered from insufficient funding, product singularity and inadequate R&D, hence the nonfulfillment of its designed capacity.

    ISL Director MA Haizhou expressed that the institute has rated in-depth resources and environmental assessment and R&D of comprehensive utilization of Tibetan salt lakes as a key scope of studies in its implementation of the "Innovation 2010" program, which is an important endeavor in its performing of the government's policy in boosting Tibet's economic and social development. He commented on the establishment of a joint research center between ISL and Tibetan Minerals.

    ISL researchers are preparing to hold a seminar on the studies of Tibetan salt lakes, discussing on the significance, approaches and strategies of in-depth resources and environmental assessment and technological studies. The institute will initiate a significant expedition within this year. ISL plans to build a workstation in Lhasa to facilitate future studies on Tibetan salt lakes.




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