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    Recruitment of Director of Key Laboratory for Green and High-Value Utilization of Salt Lake Resources
    Update time: 2023-01-28
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    Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS, welcomes talented scientists across the world to apply for the position of director of Key Laboratory for Green and High-value Utilization of Salt Lake Resources (hereinafter referred to as the Lab) or recommend qualified talents for the position.

    Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes was founded in 1965 and is the only national institute specializing in salt lake research in China. The Key Laboratory for Green and High-value Utilization of Salt Lake Resources, which was launched in September 2022 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aims at the scientific front-edge of salt lake research and China’s strategic needs for salt related resources and products such as potassium, lithium, magnesium and boron. The mission of the Lab is to make breakthrough in key technologies relating to green and high-efficiency separation of salt lake resources and multi-effect adjustment and control of materials preparation based on salt lake elements, provide scientific support and qualified researchers in the speedup construction of world-class salt lake industry base and national clean energy industry clusters, and be a leader in the scientific and technological innovation of salt lake research.


    1. Responsibilities of the position

    1In full charge of the Lab, including planning of development strategy and implementation, organizing teams to apply and carry out key research projects to achieve a batch of world class researchfindings.

    2Recruit and foster a cohort of research leaders with strong academic influence to organize and set up innovative teams with high research level.

    3Strengthen multi-discipline and inter-discipline research of the lab and academic exchange with other innovative units and promote the academic reputation of the Lab internationally.

    4Set up innovative institutional mechanism and management of the lab with scientists oriented and highly performing. Foster a culture of team spirit and inter-discipline cooperation.

    5In full charge of the daily routine management of the Lab.


    2. Prerequisite

    (1) Be patriotic and dedicated with good academic morals and professional conduct, should have rich research management experience and strong capability of organization and coordination.

    (2) Be familiar with the latest advancement in the field of salt lake research, have in-depth academic knowledge and important academic achievement that peer recognized.

    (3) Should work full time in the lab. Age should be no more than 50 years old with exception for those outstanding applicants.


    3. Salary and welfare

    (1) The director will be authorized full decision-making right for the staff, fund and equipment of the lab as well as academic development issues.

    (2) The director will be employed as professor and doctorate student mentor of CAS University.

    (3) The director will be given full right to build up team and will be provided 10-15 million Yuan of research fund (including fund matched by governments).

    (4) Salary will be decided based on negotiation and be internationally competitive, welfares include settling allowance, housing, spouse’s employment, schooling of kids, research fund and graduate students allocation, all these will be provided upon negotiation.

    (5) The institute will provide top class service in assisting application of research projects and assisting foreign scientists in their job approval and entry visa.


    4. Document needed for application and Interview

    Document for application

    (1) CV.

    (2) Identification document: a scanned copy of ID card or passport, copies of all academic degrees, copies of all awards and prizes. 

    (3)  Copies of main achievements: books, papers, patents and other documents which could confirm the applicants’ achievement in the latest 5 years.

    (4) Document that provides as evidence of past management position, professional and other social affiliations.

    (5) Working plan,Future expectation for academic development and  living facilities that the applicants hope the institute to provide, as well as other information the applicants hope to provide.


    Deadline for application:

    Applicants should send their application  matierials to lif@isl.ac.cn by July 30th, 2023 and eligible applicants will be notified of further interview information.


    Contact person

    Mr. Li, Fafu

    Mobile phone:13709754851

    Email address: lif@isl.ac.cn

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