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    Recruitment of 'Hundreds of Talents Program' Scholars
    Update time: 2013-06-05
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    'Hundreds of Talents Program' Scholars

    Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes (ISL), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is the only base institution specialized in fundamental, applied fundamental and high-tech researches. It plays a uniquely leading role in salt-lake S&T undertakings of China.

    The institute has one CAS key laboratory and one provincial research center, i.e., Salt Lake Resources & Chemistry Laboratory (RCL) and Engineering & Technology Research Center of Comprehensive Utilization of Salt Lake Resources (ETRC). RCL focuses on the studies of formation and evolution of salt lakes, salt lake environmental science, salt lake elemental and resources chemistry, etc, whereas ETRC primarily deals with mining and extraction of lithium, magnesium, potassium and boron resources, comprehensive utilization of salt lake brines and solid potassium mineral deposits, as well as developing high-value downstream products to extend the salt lake product chains for vertical integration and also rendering key technical support for modern enterprises engaged in comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources.

     Position Description

    We have job vacancies under the CAS 'Hundred of Talents Program', which consists of categories including 'Overseas Distinguished Scholars', 'Domestic Hundreds of Talents', and 'Project Associated Hundreds of Talents'. The job shall fall within the disciplines of inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, geochemistry, geology and hydrology. More specifically, qualified scholars shall be working in: (1) innovation and integration of technologies for comprehensive utilization of salt lake resources, and/or (2) salt lake resources and environments, and their sustainable developments.


    Eligible applicants should be Chinese citizens with Chinese nationality or overseas scholars who are either willing to give up their foreign nationalities to settle down in China or returning to China for permanent residence. Candidates of 'Overseas Distinguished Scholars' should have a minimum of 4 successive years of research experience in overseas institutions after receiving a doctorate, at least appointed the position of assistant professor or other corresponding ones abroad. Candidates of 'Domestic Hundreds of Talents' should have a minimum of two years of research experience after obtaining a doctorate and should have achieved a position of research professor (or professor) in their original institution. All applicants should also meet the following requirements:

    • Healthy, under the age of 45.
    • Have been engaged in the whole process of research activities in some projects as principal investigators or main participants and made remarkable achievements.
    • Have significant prominence in domestic or overseas academic community; fully aware of latest developments in their own disciplines; have long-term strategic plans in research and capable of leading a team and doing research in the international frontier, resulting in remarkable achievements of international levels.
    • Have strong academic caliber in their own fields of study, and made significant world-class achievements; have published a minimum of 3 influential papers as the first or corresponding author in core journals of their won fields of study, which are indexed by SCI or EI, or authored important inventions (patents), holding key techniques which can influence the industrialization of advanced novel technologies in their fields of study.
    • Have the initiative of dedicating themselves to Chinese S&T undertakings and national economic development, by endeavoring in China with a worldwide perspective.

     Terms of Employment

    The successful applicants will be:

    • Appointed the position of innovative research professors, and entitled to special allowances as 'Overseas Distinguished Scholars' or recipients of 'Hundreds of Talents Program', in addition to salaries and bonuses as innovative research professors;
    • Allowed a startup fund of RMB100,0000 together with room, facilities and qualified team members;
    • Entitled to apartment of three bedrooms and one living room; and
    • Assisted in applying CAS competitive funds.


     Application Instructions

    The applicant is required to submit the following information:

    • A resume with 2 latest photos of 2 inches, bareheaded;
    • Research experience and achievements, list of publications with index and citation information, and 2-4 representative publications;
    • Photocopies of his or her academic degree, professional title, and award (and/or patent) certificates, or proofs of important achievements;
    • Working plan and requests; and
    • Proof of employment in domestic or overseas organizations.

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    Contact Information:

    Zhonghan MA, Managing Director
    Organization and Personnel Office
    Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, CAS
    18 Xinning Rd, 810008 Xining, P.R. China

    Email: mazhh@isl.ac.cn
    Tel: 0971-6307252
    Fax: 0971-6306002



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